Countless athletes, who already implement tapering during training, as well as many online training programmes, recommend this practice. Why then do physiotherapists still see the odd runner, swimmer, cyclist, and even school kids, who end up on a physiotherapist’s therapy bed because they hurt themselves right before the big race or game?

Injuries are common when athletes do not wind down their training regimes and give their bodies sufficient rest close to their big event or race day. One of the most effective tools for an athlete’s performance is making use of a proper tapered training plan.

The different types of tapering will depend on your level of fitness, sport and how long you’ve been doing the activity in question.

What are the main benefits of tapering training correctly?

  1. Your body can recover fully before race day.
  2. You can rely on peak performance from a fresh body.

Fitness is a lengthy process and pushing harder before competing is not the way to achieve it. If you are striving for your PB (personal best), training correctly is the way to go. However, there are factors to consider, and not every online programme might be for you.

What factors should be considered when taping training schedules?

  • The sport or activity you’re participating in.
  • The level of competitiveness of the event.
  • Your age and gender.
  • Your fitness level.
  • And, of course, your personal goals.

Where can you go for advice?

In order to get the best training and tapering advice for you personally, consider seeing a physiotherapist! Yes, that’s right. A Physio trained in sports physiotherapy can assist you personally as follows:

  1. Doing a full assessment, which includes a functional risk screening specific to your sport.
  2. Give advice on tapering and training adjustments.
  3. Treat any physical imbalances found (appropriate for the time of training).
  4. Advise on any further rehabilitation exercises in order to improve your performance, by adjusting your body and form into optimal alignment.

This article was authored by the team from the Douglasdale branch of Lamberti Physiotherapy. Book an assessment with one of the Physios if you want some solid advice on tapering during training. You can also make use of our handy appointment form.

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