Myofascial Activated Postural (MAP) Movement is a movement technique that teaches you to use your own body to create movement in all myofascial planes, in all directions. It is centred around the rehabilitation of fascia and is an alignment tool which enables you to move freely and more efficiently.

What is fascia?

Fascia is soft tissue found beneath the skin that covers muscle, tendons, organs etc. and consists of two layers that glides on top of each other. Just like muscles fascia can get tight and shortened which prevents optimal movement in any direction. See the two-part article on Myofascial Release here: Part 1 and Part 2.

Fascia thrives on hydration, in other words, interstitial fluid because this makes it glide more easily and you can move more freely. Things like injuries, posture, scars, and even sitting for long periods of time can “dry up” fascia, altering the way you move and thereby causing pain.

How does MAP Movement help the fascia and the body?

MAP Movement uses techniques to help your fascia glide better and improve your movement in any and all directions, which will prevent injuries, reduce pain and help with your overall quality of life.
MAP Movement also involves plenty of diaphragm breathing to create movement in your body. This type of breathing has many benefits involving reduced blood pressure, improved lung function, enhanced immune system and helps to bring you to a place of rest where your anxiety and/or stress levels will lower.

enjoy freedom of movement
joy of free movement from MAP exercises
Easy directional sitting from MAP movement
MAP Movement flexibility
Good joint movement from MAP exercises
A flexible back and hips through MAP Movement
Good muscle control
flexible joints and muscles from doing MAP movement

True power comes from a place of rest. Move whenever you can. Move before you can’t.

Monique de Bruin submitted this article. She is a qualified MAP Movement Trainer. If this resonates with you, contact Monique at Lamberti Physiotherapy Dainfern, where she holds weekly classes, or use this quick appointment form to get in touch.