Physiotherapy forms an important part of the management of sports injuries. The aim of sports physiotherapy is to treat the injury throughout the healing process and fully rehabilitate the patient to prevent further injury and return to sport in the shortest time possible. It is important that you understand that physiotherapy is important throughout the healing process, even when the pain has gone.

Sports physiotherapy can also assist in biomechanical and posture assessments in the prevention of injury. Muscle imbalances and altered biomechanics can predispose athletes to injury. Through thorough analysis, these weaknesses can be picked up and addressed before they become a problem.

Your Physiotherapist can help alternate your training programme and include prehab and cross-training to prevent injuries and improve overall performance.

There are a wide variety of sports injuries ranging from minor injuries, such as muscle strains, to more serious injuries including fractures and complete tears. Using various methods, physiotherapy can assist with all degrees of injury and is often the only treatment required for recovery.

In conditions that require surgery, physiotherapy often plays a vital role in pre and post-surgery rehabilitation for optimal return to previous movement.

What kind of treatments are included when receiving sports physiotherapy?

  • Soft tissue release and massage
  • Oedema and pain management
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Strapping
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Posture analysis and correction
  • Functional and sport-related exercises

Did you know that we can assist with setting up your bike to ensure that your bicycle and you are as closely aligned as possible to avoid strains? A physiotherapist can also refer you to other professionals if he/she sees fit e.g a podiatrist to recommend the best shoes for you or even orthotics.

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