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Preventative physiotherapy has long term benefits for the whole family

Why have Preventative Physiotherapy?

As healthcare continues to shift toward prevention, the physiotherapist’s role in health promotion and wellness continues to expand. Preventative physiotherapy is a smart choice.

Physiotherapists are well-trained to educate patients on chronic disease self-management and to empower patients through providing information and techniques to improve self-care.
We all know the saying – prevention is better than cure!

What is preventative physiotherapy?

Having physiotherapy without a specific reason eg injury, goes a long way to ensuring that underlying aches in your muscles or joints don’t become a real cause for concern. Pay attention to your health before pain strikes. You can make the choice to work towards preventing declining health and micro-tissue damage by working with your Physio now – it’s like having a ‘check-up’ with your doctor or dentist.

The absence of pain does not equate to the absence of injury.

The danger with using pain alone as a reliable indicator of injury or sickness is that more often than not, it’s a delayed signal – by the time you feel pain, damage may have already been done that is harder to treat. Pain is generally not a sudden reaction but the result of an enduring problem that gradually builds over time.

Your health is an investment.

Just as you would invest time and money into maintaining your vehicle, treat your body with the same care. Consider your body a vehicle that is engineered for a long life of peak performance and needs regular maintenance schedules with your Physio to avoid breakdown.

Optimal wellness is better than just being okay.

preventative physiotherapy

If living an optimised physical lifestyle is important to you, then consider the meaning of wellness as ‘performing at your best’ rather than just feeling okay or without pain. While most of us now enjoy a longer life, if you are committed to optimal wellness you have the opportunity to make it a better one.

Health is a journey, not a destination.

Good health relies on consistency. Don’t think of it as something on your ‘to do’ list that gets crossed off and concluded. This journey is a lifelong pursuit, but has massive daily benefits – starting today if you want it to.

A Physiotherapist is a perfect partner in your efforts to achieve life-long optimal health.

A ‘wellness’ approach characterised by achieving long term, sustainable outcomes for the individual so that they can enjoy a healthy, injury-free lifestyle without that lingering threat of injury re-occurrence.

The reminders in this article have been shared with you from the Bankstown Physiotherapy Sports Injury Centre in Australia. Good advice is globally relevant.

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