Shelagh Green


Shelagh Green

BSc (Physio) Wits

In 2002 Shelagh completed a number of courses, including the Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy(OMT) course, which is a full year of study. Her case study focused on the effects of dry needling on Tinnitus. Thereafter, she went to work in the Middle East at the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital. The majority of the patients she saw there were cardiac patients, both pre- and post-operatively.

On returning from Bahrain in 2005 Shelagh joined Lamberti Physiotherapy. Since then she has attended many courses to further her interest in spinal care and sports injuries. The most notable of these was a 12-month post graduate study focusing on sports therapy. Shelagh’s case study for this was the role of gluteus strengthening on knee pain. She has also completed Module A of the McKenzie course and intends to complete the last 4 Modules over the next few years, when the international lectures bring each Module to South Africa. One of her recent specialisations has been on Fascial Manipulation treatment (see the two-part Blog post on this).

During her time at Lamberti Physiotherapy Shelagh has worked with a cross section of people ranging from children with chest infections to iron men competitors. She has a strong interest in spinal conditions as well as sports injuries. She also helps cyclists with their bike set-ups, ensuring that they do not exacerbate any pre-existing injuries by cycling with a set-up that is incorrect.


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