Lockdown Support

“We are here to support you. Be safe and spend quality time with your loved ones. We’ll get through this together.”
                                                                                  Fiona Lamberti

New Physio service options during the Stay-at-Home Lockdown period.

Whilst Lamberti Physiotherapy may be unable to meet with you face to face, we have made available some resources and options for you to manage your wellness at this time:

  • Update videos from Fiona.
  • The introduction of a new “Tele-Health” service call – complete the form on this page and we’ll call you to assist with any issues requiring physio treatment.
  • Exercise videos to help you keep fit during this period (or, do some exercise if you haven’t been doing that lately!)

You can also access our videos and updates on our Facebook page or Instagram profile.

Our Mission

Lamberti Physiotherapy strives to offer its patients and referring professionals a high quality ‘hands on’ approach to physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

Our Ethos

Your health and wellness is important to to everyone in the Lamberti Physiotherapy Team. This journey that we will embark on together may be long or short, easy or challenging, filled with laughter and/or tears, whichever it is, we strive for success and to build lasting relationships, based on mutual trust and respect.

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