Fiona Lamberti

BSc (Physio) Wits

Fiona Lamberti has been working in private practice since she qualified in 2001. She opened her own practice, Lamberti Physiotherapy, in 2004, where she now treats people from all walks of life. They range from 98-year old retirees, to top sports men and women, to high flying executives. All of whom come to her because they are in need of manual therapy.

Fiona has been and still is involved in the rehabilitation and success of Cape Epic cyclists, Comrades marathon runners, Midmar Mile swimmers, Iron Man contestants and South African Hockey players.

Fiona is involved in tutoring and teaching at a post graduate level, both within her practice and externally. Many a successful physio started out as an employee at Lamberti Physiotherapy. Her passion is Physiotherapy, and wants the profession as a whole to maintain a high standard of excellence. She believes that the only way this can be achieved is by mentoring each other and sharing our knowledge.

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